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DIVAZ4BUSINESS – a movement

July 6th, 2014

Have you ever wondered why is it so tough for a woman to start or else run a business in India? For starters, till a few years ago, the very idea of a woman doing business was frowned upon by the Indian middle class. The thought of the protected Indian woman going out in the greasy, real world of men and getting her hands dirty was taboo.
With economy now gearing more towards service sector instead of earlier manufacturing which was considered earlier domain of males only along with advent of ICT including internet, ecommerce and social media ,it certainly has become more attractive for women to explore entrepreneurship as a suitable first or else second career.

However inspite of announcement of women development schemes by Govt. or banks in particular, even today women at large face challenges in accessing institutional credit. Major reasons for the same are lack of awareness among women about such schemes, lack of information on emerging business opportunities and knowledge on how to develop a fundable project report etc.

DIVAZ4BUSINESS is an initiative launched by APE Communication and SPH Consultancy & eServices with Dolly Bhasin as Founder and Raj K Pathak as Co-Founder.

DIVAZ4BUSINESS is a movement for promoting women entrepreneurship in India as never before we invite all stake holders in general and enterprising women in particular to come forward to be part of this movement.

DIVAZ4BUSINESS Noida event is 3rd event in the row and is being organised with NIESBUD as the Knowledge partner.For your information,NIESBUD is the Govt of India enterprise under MSME Ministry.

Earlier DIVAZ4BUSINESS events have been succesfully  organised in Chandigarh and Gurgaon,details of the same can be seen at:
Chandigarh event sponsored by SBI:


DIVAZ4BUSINESS event is being extensively promoted through online and event is FREE for pre-registered women participants who simply have to go to given link and register online:

We expect 40-45 educated and enterprising women from Noida and your presence too is welcome.Please note that non-registred participant has to pay Rs 300/- therefore you may please go to the link above and register,asap.