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Tips on Working from Home

October 1st, 2014

I have been working from home for quite a while now. I hear a lot of people say things like, “I could never work from home.”, “I need to go into an office.”, or “I’d get distracted.” This can happen, but only if you let yourself. Here are the tips I’ve learned about working from home and staying productive:

Setup an office for yourself:  Reach your “office” everyday at a fixed time, and leave your “office” at a fixed time. Set up a routine as it helps remain devoted.Office means office ie should have if required printer cum photocopier,notepads, pens, and other office materials.I have a decdicated room for my office,with my working table,printer,landphone,pads etc.

Develop a schedule and follow it: It helps to set yourself guidelines and a schedule to follow so you actually accomplish your work. Aim to work atleast 8 hour per day.Have fixed timings for tea break, lunch etc.I am in my homebased office by sharp 9 am and work till 1130 at one go.Than I take a 15 minutes tea break.Later I work till 130 pm and take a 1 hour break for lunch and that includes afternoon nap(one of the luxury of operating from home).From 230 pm to 630 pm I am one my working table with 15 mins tea break in between.Later I go for evening walk and catch up with my friends.The day I have a meeting outside or a conference to attend,I work late night or early monring to cover up the lost time.

Take a real lunch break. There’s a reason companies are required by law to give you a lunch break. You will come back refreshed and working harder than before.So,make sure even if working from home,you should take a lunch break.Eat in front of your favorite TV show,  or meet a friend for lunch.

Set boundaries. Your clients should know not to call you at 9 pm at night. The best way to establish these rules and good behaviors are by setting boundaries for yourself and letting your client know what hours you work. I dont take official calls between 9 pm to 9 am,come what may.

Set goals. Make to-do lists and stay organized, just as you would at any other job. Set realistic goals for yourself to achieve daily, and hold yourself accountable for them. You won’t get anything done if you don’t make goals.

Enjoy working from home.I am enjoying it every day.