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Indian e-commerce market size to grow to USD 80 billion by 2020

October 15th, 2015

The growing internet base, with more than 343 million internet users has a direct correlation to the growth of ecommerce in the country.

The Indian entrepreneurs have started setting up their shops online even before a physical setup. Many SME’s are taking the e-commerce route to establish themselves in the Indian market and are using internet not only as marketing tool but also as a tool to enable them to understand if a unique product has high demand in the market.

The e-commerce  sector in India is projected to cross USD80 billion by 2020 and USD3o0 billion by 2030.

SME’s are expected to contribute 22% to the country’s GDP by 2020.

27% of the Indian SME’s who are online today, use e-commerce.

With an investment of just Rs 3,000 an SME can enter into the e-commerce space.

SME’s usuing e-commerce record 60-80% reduction in marketing and distribution costs.

50 million of the 100 million online shoppers shall belong to tier I & II cities in 2016.


This post is excerpt of report by KPMG & Snapdeal ‘ Impact of e-commerce on SME’s in India.











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