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Business Mantra TV Show

March 11th, 2013

Business Mantra TV Show

Business Mantra TV show to connect youth with the idea of Entrepreneurship  ran for 100 episodes on erstwhile DD Metro. Business Mantra Show was conceptualized by me sitting in American Centre Library,Delhi.My office was adjacent to the library and I would often visit the library to research for ideas on television shows.The library had a video section.I would often watch educational videos to understand the technique of making educational content interesting enough for the viewer.One day I came came across a video series titled “SMALL BUSINESS 2000″.Till that day,I thought American Industry was supposed to be only Big Manufacturers & Corporate. I was stumped to see that Govt of America supported whole series to boost entrepreneurship and small business in the land of opportunities.

I realized that India with large young unemployed population too needs such a television show.I did good amount of research over next 6 months and managed to produce a pilot of BUSINESS MANTRA TV show anchored by my dear friend and the than Miss Delhi Chandni Sachdeva. The pilot because of its innovativeness as well as its content meeting the national objective of promoting entrepreneurship was approved by DD Metro within record time of just 15 days.However later the show was actually anchored by my another very good friend Sapna Bhatia.

Now started the hard part of launching the show ie to raise money for the same.Producing a TV show  is quiet an expensive business.So from day one I knew to get a sponsor to fund the show is not going to be easy task.But with my hard and smart work I managed to rope in CII,DST,SIDBI,NSIC and others to support BUSINESS MANTRA TV Show.

The success of BUSINESS MANTRA TV Show was hundreds of letters & emails we would receive every week from across the country as well as neighboring countries.



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